Grading Policies

  • Major grades may be entered in Schoology as Pending (PND) to show that they have been turned in while they are being graded.  

    Make­up Work/Absences It is important for you to attend class regularly; this is an important habit for success in college and the workplace. You have ONE class period for each day of class missed to complete the make­up work. It is your responsibility to talk to your teacher or another classmate outside of class time to find out what happened while you were out and/or come to tutorials for clarification and help. Remember - work is posted in Schoology, so it can be completed before you return to class as well.

    Late Work Another habit for success in college and the workplace is producing work in a timely manner according to established deadlines. I strongly encourage you to complete ALL assignments by the assigned due date. If you do not turn an assignment in at the time it is due, an M will be recorded in the grade book. Please be mindful that a zero will be calculated in your class average. You have TWO DAYS to turn in the work and  replace the M. The highest grade possible for ANY late work is a 75%.  After attending two class periods and failing to turn in the assignment, the M will become a zero. Late work is not eligible for the redo/retake opportunity. It is your responsibility to find out what you are missing from your personal portal and/or come to a tutorial for clarification and help. Using a daily planner is highly encouraged. 


    Passes/Restroom Use In order to benefit from instructional time in class, please use the restroom during passing time. Students will not be permitted to leave class during assessments or timed essays, unless it is an emergency.  If you have a medical condition or need to see a nurse, please ask me for a clinical pass. Please remember that students are not permitted to leave during the first and last 10 minutes of any class period. 

    Cell Phone and Other Electronic Devices Another habit for college and career success is demonstrating proper etiquette concerning electronic devices. You are permitted to use electronic devices before and after school, between classes, and during lunch; you may NOT use them in class unless you are given permission to use them. Down time is not phone time in class. If persistent misuse of electronic devices impede academic progress in class, other measures of discipline will be applied. It is our experience that students who use their cell phones inappropriately in class suffer academically. 

    Parent/Student/Teacher Communication Students will have regular reminders in the form of due dates written on the board, posted in Schoology, and regular daily announcements. Once again, using a daily planner is highly encouraged. 

    Should you ever have a question or concern about anything please contact me via email. Schoology is updated daily with everything, including homework, handouts, and due dates.