Diversity Advisory Council Bylaws

  • justice image Article I Organization
    The name of this organization shall be the Hays Consolidated Independent School District Diversity Advisory Council (DAC). The DAC is an advisory council elected by the campuses and departments within Hays Consolidated Independent School District (Hays CISD) and enjoys a shared sense of empowerment with all administrative offices of the Hays CISD. The council serves to advise the Superintendent on issues related to diversity and equity.

    Article II Mission Statement
    The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is a broad and diverse council that will support and advise the Superintendent on the coordination and development of policies, programs, resources, and methods, which will increase maximum achievement for all students and staff in a multi-cultural, gender equitable environment that is safe for all stakeholders of the Hays CISD Community.

    Article III Foundational Beliefs
    The foundational beliefs of the council are that:

    1. diversity will be an integral and celebrated part of all education programs, curriculum and extracurricular activities for students and staff;
    2. students need to have like role models in their classrooms and school; personnel will practice cultural humility;
    3. students and staff have the right to be educated and work in a harassment-free environment and;
    4. integration on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, and disability in our schools and education programs will help to prepare students to live more positively in a world that is very diverse.

    Article IV Purpose
    The purpose of this organization is to:

    1. oppose inequity, prejudice, and discrimination anywhere in the school system;
    2. promote nondiscriminatory and equal opportunity efforts in employment practices;
    3. promote a multicultural, gender equitable approach to learning in all areas of the school curriculum;
    4. develop a strategy to give life to the council’s foundational beliefs;
    5. promote professional in-service experiences for the teaching staff, administrators, board of education, noncertified personnel of the school system and the DAC members when appropriate;
    6. serve as liaisons between the school district and members of diverse community groups;
    7. support the development of programs, educational strategies and curriculum that promote positive human relations among diverse groups;
    8. provide input into the development and evaluation of equity reports, updates and any other equity reviews including the annual report of the system;
    9. facilitate the accomplishment of diverse and equity goals, and;
    10. conduct any other related tasks assigned from time to time by Superintendent of Schools.

    Article V Membership

    1. The composition of this organization shall consist of
    • One (1) student from each secondary campus
    • One (1) adult representative from each Hays CISD Campus
    • One (1) representative from each Hays CISD Department
    • One (1) elementary school parent
    • One (1) middle school parent
    • One (1) high school parent
    • Two (2) business representatives
    • Two (2) community members.
    1. The DAC Facilitator will serve as a permanent member of the Council, voting only in cases of ties and not serving as an officer.
    2. Council membership should reflect the educational interest of the entire Hays CISD community.
    3. Council members must demonstrate a commitment to the foundational beliefs of the council, a passion for and vested interest in diversity and equity issues, and advocate for all populations in their day-to-day lives.

    Article VI Officers

    1. Organization: The DAC will have a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a secretary who are elected for one year terms by the membership.  These officers, along with the DAC Facilitator shall be known as the DAC Executive Council.  Elections will be held at the first meeting of the new membership year.  Duties of the officers shall be those commonly ascribed to these offices.  Officers shall be elected by simple majority of elected and appointed members.
    2. Officers of the DAC shall be elected for a term of one (1) year.
    3. An officer may be re-elected to office or may be eligible for another elective office.

    Article VII Meetings

    1. Unless an alternative date is determined by a majority of the Council members. The regular meetings of the DAC shall be held quarterly on the first Thursday of the month with the agenda set by the Chairperson in cooperation with the DAC Facilitator. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson and/or the DAC Facilitator.
    2. A quorum consisting of two-thirds (2/3) of the Council membership is needed to conduct official business. Meeting rules adapted from Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed at the meetings.
    3. Official business will be conducted in the presence of the voting members present at the meeting.
    4. Active participation by members is encouraged. If any member misses two (2) meetings during a single term, that member will be removed from the council and a new representative from the campus/ department will be appointed.  If a business, community or parent member misses two (2) meetings, the council will appoint another representative to fill that position.   
    5. Council business shall not conflict with applicable Federal, State, or local laws or school board policies.

    Article VIII Terms of Membership

    1. Membership is limited to individuals who are students or employees of Hays CISD or are appointed within the Hays CISD community.
    2. Terms for the inaugural Council will begin in October 2020. Subsequent terms shall commence at the beginning of each school year in which membership is approved.
    3. The initial terms of the inaugural Council members will be for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. The following terms will be staggered with one-half of the Council members serving for one (1) additional year, and the remaining Council members serving for two (2) years. Thereafter, all terms will be two (2) years – not to exceed 3 consecutive terms.  Student representatives will serve for one (1) year.
    4. Those appointed to serve on the DAC to replace a member who has resigned or has been asked to resign, shall complete the term of said member and have the option of serving another term. DAC Facilitator/Chairperson shall appoint business, community and parent Council members as needed.
    5. A Council member can be dismissed for persistent, pervasive, or severe violations of the DAC bylaws, DAC social contract or school board policies.
    6. Council members may be reelected or appointed for membership to serve for another term not to exceed 3 consecutive terms.

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