•  Diversity

    Mission Statement 
    The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is a broad and diverse council that will support and advise the Superintendent on the coordination and development of policies, programs, resources, and methods, which will increase maximum achievement for all students and staff in a multicultural, gender equitable environment that is safe for all stakeholders of the Hays CISD Community.


DAC Executive Board

  • abstract 3 people
    Officers elected at the 12/3/20 meeting:

    DAC Facilitator

    Chairperson Peyton Perez
    Vice Chairperson Daniel Ayala
    Secretary OPEN


    Parent / Community / Business members selected by the campus representatives
    High School parent Jennifer Saenz
    Middle School parent OPEN
    Elementary School parent Sarah Simmons
    Community Member Michael Whitehawk
      Jacquelyn O’Donnell
    Business Member Audrey Hegwood
      Dr. Dawn Brunkenhoefer

2021-22 Meeting Dates

  • Saturday, October 23rd 

    Tuesday, November 30th

    Thursday, January 6th

    Wednesday, February 23rd

    Tuesday, April 5th

    Wednesday, May 11th

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Meeting Information & Archives

  • 9-2-21 Meeting Notes

    Posted by Harvest Coats on 9/2/2021

    9-2-21 Meeting Notes- 1st DAC meeting

    Start time 4:52

    Welcome- Daniel and Peyton

    Introductions- Peyton Perez, Chair and Daniel Ayala Vice Chair

    Those Present: (use sign in sheet to fill out)

    In person- 



    Left a little time for people to arrive because we will end early. 

    1. Meeting dates
    2. New Members
    3. Dates for NAPE training- waiting on funding but should finalize soon
      1. Hoping everyone will arrive 30 minutes early- to vote on official logo and approve new bylaws and lingering business ideas
      2. Don’t know exact time, but will know soon
      3. Students and all new members will attend so a good time to vote
      4. New Members- stand for a warm welcome
    4. Nuts and bolts activity- write down what you think our mission statement 
      1. Write down what you think it is about- key words with a friend around you 
      2. Shout out and write on the board- Daniel writes on the board
        1. Community
        2. Inclusive 
        3. Education
        4. Equity
        5. Celebrate
        6. Diversity
        7. Representative
        8. Opportunity
        9. Safe environment
        10. Actual change
        11. Empower
        12. Service
        13. Respect
        14. Embrace
        15. Inviting 
        16. Advocacy
        17. Ownership
      3. Shared actual mission statement and we were close:
        1. The Diversity Advisory Council is a broad and diverse council that will support and advise the Superintendent on the coordination and development of policies, programs, resources, and methods, which will increase maximum achievement for all students and staff in a multicultural, gender equitable environment that is safe for all stakeholders of the Hays CISD Community.
        2. Peyton shared that after DAC training this summer, they realized many people in our community did not know what DAC does, what is stands for our does not do
        3. Mission statement was changed at end of last year, and hopefully it will be up for adoption at our training
        4. Please let her know if it needs editing, or if you made a suggestion last year that was not included and you feel should be considered


    1. DAC Bylaws- Break into groups to look through articles to paraphrase & highlights
      1. Article III- Highlights
        1. The building blocks to our group, what we see and what we want in the classrooms
          1. Diversity
          2. Integral celebrated
          3. Role models with cultural humility
          4. Integration of basis of sexual orientation, ethnic background, socioeconomic etc.
          5. Curriculum and extra curricular activities are included in the focus
      2. Article IV Highlights
        1. Liked how it was focused on weaving DAC work being woven into all parts of the community
        2. DAC is the glue between us and our campus
        3. The importance of setting a foundation of growth and avenue for growth even if it’s uncomfortable
          1. Peyton’s feedback- It is good that what we see in this document are relevant, they can change as our needs change
          2. This is a document that sets a foundation
      3. Article V & VI- Highlights
        1. Membership explanation
        2. Advocate for Educational interests of everyone and every day lives
        3. Officers are elected for a year, but can be elected for a different office the next year
        4. Term lengths- It was going to be ½ stay on a year, ½ stay on for 2 years. It was decided that was too soon, and we decided for another year. 
          1. Maybe new people stay 2 years, current members finish out this year to keep the ½ stay, ½ go idea
      4. Activity- Circle of control- Last year’s meetings seemed to drift towards parts of our conversation towards things out of our circle of control
        1. We want to make sure our work is focused on actionable change for our students
        2. Let’s talk about our Hays CISD students
        3. What do you have no control over when dealing with students
          1. NO CONTROL- If kids get sleep, fed, are supported
          2. We do have control- of what activities, books, curriculum, texts, classroom etc. 
          3. Result- Focus and ID what you can change, and keep the focus there
            1. Keep this paper with you to remind you of your purpose
            2. We may need to use our voice to write our politicians...but try not to get distracted by laws etc., but please focus on what we can do for our students within our culture
      5. Committees- New people please stay a little late so you can be assigned to a committee
        1. If you are already on a committee but not inspired, let us know and we will help get you on a committee that you are passionate about
      6. Vacancies-
        1. Secretary- Changing to only adults
        2. Parliamentarian- Added to help with Robert’s Rules of Order
        3. Adding a student role on Exec. Board- it will be voted on at the student meeting
          1. We will be adding a separate student meeting structure during the school day. 
          2. They will also be invited to attend the our full meetings but not required
          3. MS and HS campus representatives- transportation will be coordinated 
          4. They will happen at different times of the day
        4. Let Peyton know if you are interested- then be prepared to talk to the board next meeting
        5. Hiring a new facilitator, will be announced soon
      7. Share committees for new people so new members and current members can think about where they want to work- shared by point people
        1. CRC and PD
        2. Equitable Academic offerings and hiring
        3. Inclusive Campus Cultures- system changes making sure all campus representatives are on CLT between DAC and CLT
          1. Let admin know we are on the CLT
          2. Principal’s should know we are on the CLT
          3. The idea is to make sure that we are communicating what we are doing
          4. Have a rep on campus in charge of ICC, and they help communicate with us
      8. Closing- Thank you and new members please stay to select committees if you are ready too. 
      9. Dr. Wright thanked everyone for being a part of our DAC. He expressed it has a core group of strong members and is already doing a lot of great work to help our district improve. He is looking forward to seeing what our new members bring to the table.
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  • Meeting Notes 5.6.21

    Posted by Harvest Coats on 5/6/2021

    Diversity Advisory Council
    May 6, 2021
    I. Welcome
    A. Meeting called to order at 4:30pm.
    II. Reading and Approval of Minutes
    A. Minutes approved as read
    III. Group Activity - Daniel
    A. Daniel - shares a group activity with the council (see slides)
    1. Activity consisted of other districts’ mission statements.
    2. The purpose of the activity was to look into our mission
    statement as compared to other districts. We are lacking in
    various areas. We are trying to attract more people to our
    district so diversity, equity and inclusion should be included.
    B. Everyone takes a minute to look over information presented
    1. Marcia - liked the word “deliberate”
    2. Judith - liked the part about persevering in the face of pressure
    3. Sarah - appreciated the part about aligning our words with
    4. Jackie - felt like we have left out “treating students with dignity
    and respect” out of our current mission statement
    5. Crystal - appreciates the parts of the information stating
    “student success” and “all walks of life” on the first slide;
    appreciates acknowledgements of Black students listed first on
    the second slide and the mentioning of students with special
    6. Daniel asks if our current mission statement needs fixing, and
    Sabrina adds that our current mission statement does not
    mention equity at all
    7. Sabrina mentions that it is time to “call them out.” Call out the
    issues affecting our district as seen on the second slide. We
    have not been having critical conversations and it’s time that
    we do.
    IV. Reports of Action Plan Committees (All slides provide links)
    A. CRC & PD - Judith Martinez
    1. PD choices have been emailed out to everyone for review prior
    to the meeting
    a) Describes the goal of CRC and PD committee
    b) Crystal asks if we maybe need more time
    c) Sabrina gives an overview of Dr. Medley
    d) Hilary provides an overview of Dr. Brown
    e) Jennifer provides more information about NAPE
    f) DAC PD vote
    2. ELAR and Library Curriculum - Diverse catalogue process
    a) Hilary spoke because Brittany Cox was not able to attend
    B. ELHO - Angele Taylor (All slides provide links)
    1. Provided an overview of her team’s work
    a) Elementary - enrichment and specials list - thank you
    b) Crystal - possibility of putting together a group of diverse
    teachers to help recruit teachers to the district
    C. ICC - Marcia Holsonbake (All slides provide links)
    1. Gave a definition of ICC on slide
    2. Discussed ideal ICC member
    a) Appreciated the SPED perspective on her team
    3. Goal for Campus ICCs: host 4 action items in the school year
    V. Unfinished Business
    A. DAC Logo Vote - Peyton asked for guidance from Dr. Wright, as we did
    not meet quorum
    B. Decided that logo votes will be asked for from those who were not
    able to attend the last meeting
    C. Google Form will be sent out for the vote
    VI. New Business
    A. Bylaw Amendment Feedback
    1. Jorge - we know what we would like to see, so it would be good
    to have a way to encourage others who we see potential in to
    run for the position of DAC representative
    a) Peyton - asked clarifying questions: what would this look
    like? An endorsement?
    b) Jackie - thought we should leave it open to whomever
    would like to run
    c) Dr. Wright - suggested an orientation w/ outgoing
    members w/ those interested before an election takes
    d) After discussion, majority agreed that it would be best to
    include a section in the Membership portion of the
    bylaws with explicit responsibilities of the outgoing DAC
    Member; The member would be responsible for
    educating the campus community and/or newly elected
    DAC member about their time on the DAC.
    2. Catherine - feels like sexual orientation should be there in
    Article 3, Number 4
    a) Tony suggested adding sexual orientation, sex, gender,
    and gender identity to that article
    3. Jennifer - thought we should add more explicit language about
    diversity, equity, and inclusion
    a) Exec. Board will consider the inclusion of more terms
    and add an addendum or footnote of a location to find a
    more comprehensive list of terms
    b) The terms provided by Jennifer were created by E3 with
    their diversity consultant and the Exec. Board will put
    them on our website with a citation about where they
    are coming from.
    B. Adoption of Amended Bylaws - vote - Sabrina will send out bylaws
    with edits to be voted on virtually because we did not meet quorum
    C. Google form will be included.
    D. Official bylaws will be updated based on membership input and sent
    out once they are officially approved
    E. 21-22 Membership - Google Form (See articles in bylaws)
    1. Sabrina asked that all members think about their time and
    commitment to the DAC and the responsibilities of a DAC
    2. A Google form will be sent out asking if a member wants to
    continue on the DAC.
    VII. Adjourn
    A. Meeting adjourned at 6:09pm

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  • Meeting Notes 4.1.21

    Posted by Harvest Coats on 4/1/2021

    Diversity Advisory Council Meeting 

    April 1, 2021


    1. Welcome (4:30 pm start) 
    2. Social Contract 
      1. Practice Mindfulness & Empathy when addressing DEI issues 
      2. Continue to check your implicit biases 
      3. Be supportive of all  
      4. Transparency (direct/honest communication)  
      5. Focus on Respect & understanding of each other
      6. Listen with an open mind
      7. Everyone has a voice
      8. Stay student and goal oriented
      9. Be united and supportive of council decisions
    3. Reading and Approval of Minutes (Minutes reviewed and approved) 
    4. Reports of Action Plan Committees 
      1. CRC & PD - Judith Martinez
        1. Recommendations for job description for consultant, want someone outside of the district, proven track record, considerations for interview committee 
        2. Working on ideas for DAC PD to vote at the next meeting, and a way they would like it presented. 
        3. Will work on collaboration with other committees to see the overlap 
        4. Starting points for improving culturally responsive resources
          1. Librarians creating a database of culturally responsive literature
          2. More access to digital platforms like Youtube 
          3. Expansion of the Lehman Math project 
          4. Working on district wide culturally responsive PD 
      2. ELHO - Angele Taylor 
        1. Reviewing course guides to see what is available across each high school 
        2. There is not a list of enrichment or specials for Elementary so working with C&I to create the list
        3. Training on Listen and Look for in job interviews.  Many times we just are listening for what we want to hear. 
        4. Possibly centralizing hiring 
        5. Campus profile vs. District profile for interviews  
        6. Standardized interview questions


    1. ICC - Marcia Holsonbake - 
      1. Still working on a definition of what ICC would look like. They have not gotten to the checklist yet, but will once they get to a definition. (See slide for research information) 
      2.  Want a solid foundation for their structure. They also want the core members of the team. DAC must be a part of the committee. Core committee members are dedicated to the work, passionate and having the time and knowledge.  
    1. Unfinished Business
      1. DAC Logo Vote 
        1. Option 3 won, however we did not have enough members to pass the vote due to the lack of attendance. 
    2. New Business
    3. Data Shallow Dive
      1. Who we serve- Directly, Immediately, and Collaboratively: Sphere of influence, who we interact with on a daily basis, think bigger than yourself. Look into data based off the TAPR report. (Dr. Wright can get more up to date information)  The TAPR report is always 2 years behind due to the way reporting works. We need to think about who we serve and how we impact them with our choices. 
      2. Group conversations - Critical conversations about the purpose of the TAPR for hiring reports.  Much more conversations could have been had.  
      3. Members wanted more time to discuss the demographics of each school. 
    4. Membership Activity - “Why” of the activity is because we are looking towards the future of DAC.  We want to make sure all those who are members are committed to the time and action required for the coming school year. 
      1. Consider the ideal DAC member 
        1. Privilege being a part of DAC, being an ally
        2. Know how to use your privilege 
        3. Understanding of their privilege
        4. Listener without judgement
        5. Having a call to action 
        6. Are committed
        7. Have courage and a voice to share and advocate for others 
        8. Do strive for change 
        9. Impact and Action 
        10. Inspired to promote and see through with change 
        11. Have the ability to to be open-minded and “seeing” the other side
        12. Have an inquisitive mind-knowing our “Why?”  
    5. Action Plan Committee Time (if time allows) - No time 
    6. Next Meeting - May 6th 
      1. Meet with your action plan committee
      2. Board will meet with point people 
      3. Amendments to the by- laws are coming especially regarding membership, please expect an email that must be reviewed prior to the meeting 
    7. Adjourn (6:01 pm) 


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  • March 4, 2021

    Posted by Harvest Coats on 3/4/2021

    I. Welcome (4:31)
    II. Social Contract Review
    A. Practice Mindfulness & Empathy when addressing DEI issues
    B. Continue to check your implicit biases
    C. Be supportive of all
    D. Transparency (direct/honest communication)
    E. Focus on Respect & understanding of each other
    F. Listen with an open mind
    G. Everyone has a voice
    H. Stay student and goal oriented
    I. Be united and supportive of council decisions
    III. DAC Executive Board Information
    A. Peyton: Our purpose as an executive board is:
    ● To facilitate communication between the action team committees, community, and council,
    ● To offer suggestions and provide support from an outside perspective to all stakeholders,
    ● To maintain the integrity of the council by ensuring the collective is moving towards clear, unified goals
    B. Peyton- CC all of the executive board about information about action committees and all other business.
    IV. Areas of Refinement for DAC Board
    A. Chain of communication
    1. Any and all questions should be sent to the DAC Board first. We are working together to make sure we are all on the same page and then one of us will respond.
    B. Scheduling
    1. Please be patient as check ins are coming. We want to meet with each group but coordinate our schedules.
    C. Meeting Notes/moving forward
    1. Meeting Notes will be sent after each meeting. Please contact the DAC board for any clarification or questions
    V. Clarification of Terms
    A. Daniel: Qualify Key Terms( (4:42)
    1. DAC - Diversity Advisory Council
    2. DAC Executive Board
    a) Facilitator, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary
    3. Action Plan Committees
    4. Robert’s Rules of Order
    5. Inclusive Campus Culture (ICC)
    6. Culturally Responsive Curriculum & PD (CRC & PD)
    7. Equitable Learning & Hiring Opportunities (ELHO)
    VI. Team Activity
    A. Baby Parable (4:40)
    1. Sabrina: Peyton tries to save a starfish drying on the beach, and then attempts to save another, and then another. Someone comes up and asks, “why are you doing this you can't save all the starfish?” “I can at least save this one” - This is singular individual change
    2. Sabrina: Peyton sees a baby floating down a river and puts it to the side. She sees more and more floating down and saves them. More people join her trying to save the waves of babies floating until Peyton stops saving the babies. The people around her question him and she explains, She is going to see, and stop what is causing this- This is transformative change
    a) Sabrina: Transformative change is what we are striving for so when you are working in your committees think about transformative change. We are all striving for transformative change for ourselves and the district as a whole.
    3. Becoming Anti-racist,
    (1) Zone 1 Fear
    (2) Zone 2 Learning
    (3) Zone 3 Growth
    b) London- Sees examples and charts of growth in health class, seen this chart previously
    4. Breakout Rooms (4:45)
    5. Group Sharing (5:00)
    a) Daniel- “We are in good hands HR rep. Marivel Sedillo”
    b) Sarah Simmons- “Your soul needs a rest when attempting to be an activist. ‘In a choir when they have to sustain a long beautiful note, you go silent and take a breath as your neighbors take a breath, and you are ready to take a breath for them. It is helpful knowing there are people around that will keep singing'”
    c) Marcia Holsonbake- Thank you for authenticity Sarah, It is exhausting, tiring to be Anti-Racist
    d) Sabrina- Podcast with Brene Brown and Emmanuel Acho- Talking about uncomfortable conversations with a black man, talk about being racist when being called out causes shame, and being anti racist is hard work
    e) Brittany Cox- Good to hear from our students Violet, and Jakob
    VII. Logo Design Information
    A. Steffon, graphic designer prepared six designs
    B. Vote, table items
    C. Google vote with old logos next meeting for vote
    VIII. Action Plan Committees
    A. ELHO
    1. Changing the “hiring culture” of Hays CISD.
    a) Working with Marivel Sedillo (Director of HR)
    2. Equitable Academic Opportunities-Enhancing equitable academic opportunities to embody ALL students across the district
    a) Need a contact at C&I to get necessary information.
    B. ICC
    Goal To develop a district/campus culture of accountability for both students and adults on issues of inclusion, which invites individual and collective responsibility for inclusion.
    Objective To develop an ICC committee at each campus within the district that includes 1 volunteer POC
    1. Each campus ICC committee will include the DAC rep, a volunteer POC, and 1 other member. 1 member of the campus ICC should attend CLT meetings.
    2. We will create and provide each campus with a foundations checklist and plan to include phases for committee growth.
    3. Each campus will have a designated District ICC member to provide monthly support and to ensure the campus ICC is aligned with the DAC goals.
    4. The district ICC Team will hold quarterly meetings where 1 representative from each campus ICC committee will attend. The goal of these meetings is to promote collaboration, provide a safe supportive space, and for the district ICC team to measure the progress of each campus regarding the phases of campus and community integration.
    C. CRC & PD
    1. Purpose- Attempt to foster culturally responsive curriculum and PD
    2. Professional development ideas- Brainstorm ideas in teacher lead
    3. The district has applied to a grant for CRC, attempt to work on proficient teaching practice working with counselor on Lehman campus over three years
    4. Suggest outside consultant next year
    IX. Discussion of DAC Budget Proposal
    A. Vote Passes
    X. Next Steps
    A. Interim work & reflection: Please be meeting with your committees
    1. Next committee check ins will be the week of March 22nd - 26th
    B. Self-reflection work (Spring Break)
    1. Sabrina is putting together a list of resources that can be used as your own personal PD and she will send it out before Spring Break
    2. Remember, not only are we working on systemic change but also self-reflection and change within ourselves
    C. Next meeting date: 4/1/2021 D. Book Club Dates and Reading-- Me and White Supremacy: 1. Wednesday, March 10th 5-5:45 – Book Opener through Week 2. Wednesday, April 14th 5-5:45 (Weeks 2 & 3) 3. Wednesday, May 12th 5-5:45 (Week 4 + the rest of the book) 4. ** Contact Peyton if you would like to join ***
    XI. Discuss with principals about using DAC hours for the 16 hours teachers need to complete. Dr. Wright fully endorses this and will back the suggestion.
    XII. Closing (5:57)
    Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PcB04GDV0QYhQnX4YyKb1KpTir3dj1XWA0eEnG5sNQ8/edit?usp=sharing

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  • February 4, 2021

    Posted by Harvest Coats on 2/4/2021
    1. Welcome- Sabrina
    • Welcome and notice we will use Roberts Rules of Order next meeting, Refer to “cheat sheet” Jakob sent out via email on 2.3.21
    • Opening activity- Reasonable Doubt poem from article Sabrina Read, and teaching Culturally Responsive classes
      • Author wrote and article in response to the killing of Treyvon Martin
      • Poem- Reasonable Doubt- Crystal Volunteers
      • We will break into groups to discuss- 12 minutes to debrief
      • Coming back as a group debriefing
        1. Angele shares her experience at her college in Nebraska- noticed the clerk was following her. A new friend stood up for her and a group even just stopped shopping there
        2. Crystal shared that the chance to have these crucial conversations, and how people of hispanic heritage and mexican students aren’t treated fairly either. We need to be willing to be vulnerable, have the conversations and learning, sharing and learning more. Finding out where our ignorances are, and where we can grow
        3. Daniel felt like what Crystal said about loving who someone is for who they are, but not taking away their identity. I love you for who you are, I don’t want to be seen as everyone else and I want my culture to be recognized. Let people show you who they are, do not make assumptions
        4. Luis- shared his group talked about race and labelism, “low functioning” “High functioning”, appropriate terminology, what is the process and how do we get district approval when it is appropriate to bring this up with our students in the curriculum in the day. Who do we get the curriculum, is there guidelines etc. So we make sure we are all learning, and changing things together for the betterment of our students.
        5. General- Emotion response, Anger, Sadness, Humility
      • Continuum of Cultural Competence- Competence vs. Humility
        1. Know the difference between CC vs. CH
        2. Cultural Humility takes competence a step forward by always growing and learning and challenging ourselves to live in the tension that comes from having critical/crucial conversations
        3. Keep in mind the whole purpose to do for the district is to move forward.
        4. Moving forward with being vulnerable, asking questions, sharing, not being bystanders, empowering others
        5. Remove the negativity and start moving towards the action
        6. In response to Luis: That is the purpose of this council is to educate and be able to have all teachers and staff in the district be culturally humble and be able to address these issues as they arise
    1. Social Contract Review
    • Practice Mindfulness & Empathy when addressing DEI issues
    • Continue to check your implicit biases
    • Be supportive of all
    • Transparency (direct/honest communication)
    • Focus on Respect & understanding of each other
    • Listen with an open mind
    • Everyone has a voice
    • Stay student and goal oriented
    • Be united and supportive of council decisions
    1. Needs Assessment Action Team Presentation
    • Jennifer Saenz, Survey results
      • Passion- What are you passionate about
        1. Racism
        2. Equity in Academic opportunities
        3. Culturally responsive PD and Curriculum
      • Campus- What does your campus need to work on most
        1. Equity in Academic opportunities
        2. Culturally responsive PD and Curriculum
        3. Implicit Bias
      • District- What does district need to work on
        1. Racism
        2. Equity in Academic opportunities
        3. Equitable hiring processes
      • Asks Group- Is there anything surprising you see.
        1. Michael found it hard to rank all of these but the challenge really made him think through it
        2. Angele is impressed that equitable hiring practice is heartwarming to see. She thought she was the only one
        3. Jennifer shared that there is hard data showing that if students have teachers of the same ethnicity do better overall
        4. Maggie- Found it interesting how LBTGQ ranks so far down, but campus wide it made it towards the top, then district wide back to the bottom. Hoping that we don’t ignore what is higher on the list. Hope we can pick what is possible to make the highest impact
        5. Jennifer answered survey as if we did this one thing, how would it trickle down to the other areas
          • The district can work on hiring while on a campus level we work on things for the campus
    • If we were to act now, what would we act on?
    • Jennifer’s presentation- we want to make sure our district is focused on providing equity
    1. Sabrina- Action Team google form to prioritize what subcommittee each member would prefer to join
    • Culturally Responsive PD
    • Equitable in Learning Opportunities/Hiring
    • Inclusive Campus Culture
    1. Action Meeting Objectives and Expectations
    • Peyton- Sharing about Action Team-Thanked everyone for their patience, enthusiasm and grace as they start putting things together
    • Thanked the action team for all their hard work putting the survey together to inform next steps!
    • Vision and Committee Info- Expectations
      • Define purpose- What should be, and will be the role of this subcommittee? Why is this subcommittee necessary? What problems necessitate this subcommittee? How can we mend those problems?
      • Define Roles- Who will take notes, who will communicate, who will be the spokesperson. Make sure we have a structure to cover all the bases.
      • Define Objectives (Goals)
        1. Action Plan vs Actionable Items- Goals that turn into an action team/plan
        2. Action plans and items can evolve and change, but make sure we have a direction to head towards and the goals identified with the end in mind.
        3. Identify 1 Actionable Item today, or before the next meeting, executive council doesn't want to cause too much stress with deadlines but also make sure that we do get work to make change too
        4. All teams will have autonomy of their own. The Exec. Board is here to support subcommittees, and make sure everyone is in the loop both in meetings and in between as work is being one
        5. Help update everyone so we know what is going on, and to identify if there is overlap between teams
      • In your committees- keep in mind if the system changes, changes from the inside out or outside in, conversations on campuses.
      • Should a DAC member be on the Campus Leadership Team? To help bridge the gap between the council and campus...this is an example of a systems change.
      • Make sure your actionable items are clear towards moving to the goal of being more equitable and inclusive
    • Daniel- shared the Executive Board is the bridge between committees and the big stress is the autonomy of the committee. Committees are in charge of when they meet etc. The ball is in the committees court to get the work started, Exec. committee is there to help
      • After you define your roles and find one actionable item to help get the ball rolling.
        1. Maybe create an email group, or read an article or a book that is relatable to the subject.
        2. Something that you can achieve in the near future
      • Email the whole executive Team please email the whole executive team for transparency
    • Jakob- is important to contact. Let him know if you can not come to meetings, he is going to take attendance and help with communication.  Always CC Sabrina
      • If you have questions about the agenda or meetings let him know. Always include Sabrina
      • He is looking forward to fulfilling his position as Secretary
      • He is up late too, so you can email at any time, he will get back to you quickly
    • Peyton- Book club is coming up, so please join us if you can! She sent the survey but some came back!
    • 15th- Daniel wants each action committee to send 3 possible dates to meet with the Executive Council
    1. Breakout room discussion
    • Culturally Responsive PD
      • Brittany Cox
      • Hillary Adamson
      • Jennifer Saenz
      • Judith Martinez
      • Judith Roberson
    • Equitable in Learning Opportunities/Hiring
      • Angele Taylor
      • Chris Nieto
      • Crystal Moore
        1. Want to see district hiring statistics to observe trends in hiring processes
      • Florina Arevalos
      • Gaston Romero
      • Juan Cardenas
      • Marivel Sedillo
        1. From HR, Provides insight in district hiring process
      • Micheal Whitehawk
      • Patricia Melgar-Cook
      • Serenity
      • Tricia Martinez
    • Inclusive Campus Culture
      • Addie Petrea
      • Alma Medina
      • Catherine Lively
        1. Wants students to feel safe, and welcome and in an environment they can thrive in
      • Dawn Brunkenhoefer
      • Lisa Walls
      • Maggie Patterson
      • Marcia Holkenbake
      • Sarah Juarez
      • Satah Martinez
      • Tony Cesario
    1. Closing Business
    • Wright- Shared he is excited about what is to come, everyone’s work, and looks forward to the action steps about to be put in place
    • Next meeting is March 4th
      • A version of Roberts rules of order in following meetings
      • Committees should set up meetings with the Executive Board the week of 2/15
      • Committees should be prepared to present a skeleton of their Action Plan at the next meeting
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  • October 29, 2020 Inaugural Meeting

    Posted by Tim Savoy on 10/29/2020

    Inaugural Diversity Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

    • Welcome – Dr. Wright (1 minute)
    • Introductions (35 minutes)
    • Name
    • School/Position
    • “Why”
    • Look Different Video (8 minutes)
    • Unconscious Bias Article – will be sent out with agenda (35 minutes)
    • Explain Implicit Biases and various terms
    • Open discuss about article
    • Questions about Bylaws (5 minutes)
    • Procedure and form for additional 7 members (5 minutes)
    • Close meeting (2 minutes)
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