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District Health & Safety Measures

  • Web Plan Information Updated: April 30, 2021

    These safety measures in response to COVID-19 are based on the most current information available from local health officials and regulatory authorities. Changes and adjustments to these protocols may be necessary to continue to comply with federal, state, county, and city guidelines. These standards and protocols will be updated as we learn new information and improved ways to combat the COVID global pandemic.

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  • Athletics & Fine Arts Risk Mitigation

  • Arrival, Departure, & Movement within Buildings

  • Building Access

  • Bus Transportation

  • Cafeteria - Mealtimes

  • Campus Visitors & Events

  • Classroom 'Pull-Outs'

  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Disinfecting

  • Elementary Specials (Music, PE, Art, Library, Computer Lab)

  • Field Trips

  • Hand Washing & Hand Sanitizer

  • Healthy Hygiene Practices

  • Personal Protective Equipment & Face Coverings

  • Physical Barriers

  • Playground & Recess (Elementary)

  • Restrooms

  • Screening

  • Secondary Specials (PE & Extracurricular, Library, Computer & Science Labs)

  • Spatial Distancing

  • Staff Travel

  • Standard Classroom Procedures

  • Student Health Protocols

  • Volunteers

  • Water Fountains