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Degrees and Certifications:

Merideth Keller


Single-Member-District 4
Current Trustee Term Runs May 2019 to May 2022

Merideth Keller was first elected to the Hays CISD Board of Trustees in 2010. Keller’s involvement in Hays schools at the campus level includes a decade’s worth of service with the Campus Leadership Teams, PTA organizations, and various booster clubs. She has also served on many district-level committees such as the Strategic Planning Committee, District Leadership Team, School Calendar Committee, Bond Action Committees, Growth Impact Committee and a Principal Hiring Team. In 2004, Keller represented Hays CISD on the State Comptroller’s Task Force in Student Learning and Instruction.

Merideth and her husband Alan have four children, all Hays CISD students or graduates. Taylor graduated from Hays High School in 2009. Addie and Aidan will become Hays High School graduates in the next several years. Liam, who is currently in elementary school, is a proud member of the graduating class of 2024.

Prior to her most recent roles as a Board member, community volunteer and full-time parent, Keller managed several businesses with staff and budgetary responsibilities. Her service to Hays CISD began when her family moved to Buda in 2002.

Citing her work on the Strategic Planning Team, Keller stated, “I am a true believer in procedures and accountability. I am confident that we can fulfill our obligation to students, teachers, parents and taxpayers by implementing the strategies and best practices resulting from this intensive planning process.”

“The definition of trustee is guardian. I take those words very seriously and I work to provide trusted leadership to all stakeholders in our district. While I am very student-centered, I also recognize the important roles of parents, teachers and taxpayers, all of whom deserve representation and advocacy,” she said. 

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