Important Information for 2020 Graduation Guests

  • decorative photo of graduation tickets
    If you are a ticket holder for a Hays CISD graduation, this page provides important information for graduation spectators that will help ensure the commencement ceremonies will be safe. Graduates have been provided additional information from their campuses that applies specifically to them. Hays CISD is pleased to be able to offer, though limited, an in-person graduation experience for the Class of 2020 graduates. 

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Arrival & Parking

  • link to interactive graduation map Graduates should expect to arrive at Shelton Stadium with their parents or guests one hour-and-a-half before the ceremony begins, the same time the stadium gates will open. Graduates will know where they will be sitting on the field and can communicate to their guests the best side of the stadium in which they should sit - A Side (west/visitor stands) or B Side (east/home stands). Seating for people with disabilities is all located on the B Side (east/home stands).

    Hays CISD has created an interactive map showing the locations for parking and gate entry: (Click the map image at right)

    Spectator Drop Off: Spectators who are not able to walk from the parking lots may be dropped off at the main gate in front of the B Side (east/home stands) or in front of the Burdine Johnson Theater south of the A Side (west/visitor stands), depending on in which stands the spectators will be seated.

    Parking: Parking for guests who plan to sit on the B Side (east/home stands) is the north/Bales Gym parking lot. Parking for guests who plan to sit on the A Side (west/visitor stands) is the south lot between Shelton Stadium and Hays High School. Handicap parking is designated at various locations. Overflow parking is at Live Oak Academy and Barton Middle School. Employee and event staff parking is behind Hays High School.

Entry Gates

  • decorative photo of back of the ticket Guests who plan to watch the ceremony from the A Side (west/visitor stands) must enter through the visitor gate located near the Burdine Johnson Theater. Guests who will be sitting on the B Side (east/home stands) must enter through the main stadium gate.

    • Regardless of age, every guest must have a complete ticket (both parts)
    • Every guest must submit an acceptable health screening questionnaire to enter (view the sheet)
    • Every guest must be free of the symptoms listed on the COVID-19 screening signs to enter (view the sign)
    • Face masks are required to enter & should be worn at all times
    • The stadium clear bag policy is in effect (view the policy)
    • Sealed plastic water bottles are allowed (no personal mugs or cups)


  • decorative symbol for usher Guests will be seated by ushers and will not be able to select their seats. Seating areas are appropriately spaced and will be filled in a prescribed order to ensure maximum social distancing and safety. Thank you for your cooperation. Seating for people with disabilities is all located on the B Side (east/home stands). 

    Every seat in the stadium should provide an excellent view of the ceremony. You will also be able to order formal graduation stage photos or copies of the ceremony video for purchase. The district will also have three photographers who will be taking field-level action photos throughout the ceremony. These photos will capture close-up scenes and will be provided free to you on the district's Facebook page within a few days of the ceremony. 

Attire & Other Things to Consider

  • decorative photo of water bottles Graduation is a tremendously exciting and special event. Congratulations to you and your graduate. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, remember this event will take place outside - in Texas - during the summer. With that in mind, be sure to:

    • Dress comfortably
    • Dress according to the weather forecast, including potentially hot temperatures
    • Umbrellas are allowed in the stadium for graduation
    • Stadium seat cushions are allowed in the stadium for graduation
    • Bring plenty of water bottles or other non-alcoholic drinks unopened in their manufacturer containers
    • Remember that concession stands will not be open during graduation
    • Plan ahead for the restrooms - wait times may be longer than expected because of social distancing
    • Stay at least 6-feet apart and do not congregate for any reason
    • Cheer as loud as you can - just not with any noisemakers or air horns
    • Keep the view great for everyone - limit sign sizes to less than 24" x 36" (also no balloons or confetti please)

After the Ceremony

  • Decorative photo of graduation hats After the ceremony, guests will leave the stands in the opposite order they were seated to continue with best social distancing practices. Graduates will meet you at your car. Be sure to text them where you are parked and wait for them by the car. This will keep people from gathering near the stadium exits. If you took off your face mask at your seat during the ceremony, be sure to put it back on before you head toward the exit. The stadium will need to be cleared as soon as possible after the ceremony so that cleaning crews can get to work disinfecting seats and setting up for the next graduation.  

    Again - Congratulations Class of 2020! We apologize for the extra rules and guidelines, but we are happy we were able to make an in-person graduation ceremony possible. 

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