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    Our VISION?  Strengthening SEL implementation at all levels with refined fidelity

    What is Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)? ...

    ... a dynamic process through which people acquire and effectively apply awareness and skills in managing emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions that support success in school and in life.     -HB 4454

    The goal with integrating evidence-based social emotional learning approaches is to support the whole child, including the development of positive character traits in conjunction with academic skill building to form the full picture of student learning and growth.       -HB 1026, Character Traits

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    Elementary School Level: Regardless of the program employed for SEL, elementary students are learning to understand and discuss their emotions, and beginning to form a clearer sense of self and their goals, while developing problem solving skills and learning about social norms. Classroom routines are structured to offer opportunities to practice social awareness, communication, and self-management skills.

    All elementary school campuses have access to SEL resources, lessons, Check-Ins and an SEL brief assessment through SchooLinks.

    ES Campus


    Blanco Vista

    Cloud 9 World Kiwi & Elementary Platforms, SchooLinks SEL Lessons


    Leader In Me

    Camino Real 

    7 Mindsets, Restorative Circles and SEL Classes w/Animal Assisted Therapeutic Approaches

    Carpenter Hill

    Leader In Me

    Elm Grove 

    Leader In Me


    Cloud 9 World Kiwi & Elementary Platforms, Kelso Choices, Second Step. Yale SEL-OC Study


    Choose Love Movement, Cloud 9 World Kiwi & Elementary and Capturing Kids' Hearts. 


    Ron Clark House System, PBIS & Emergent Tree


    Ron Clark House System & Emergent Tree

    Ralph Pfluger

    Second Step & Restorative Practices/Circles

    Science Hall

    Character Strong’s Purposeful People, PBIS and Cloud 9 World Kiwi


    Leader In Me and Cloud 9 World Kiwi.


    7 Mindsets 

    Tom Green

    Leader In Me (Region 13 supported)


    Capturing Kids' Hearts & Cloud 9 World Kiwi

    Middle School Level: Middle school students are experiencing more complex social situations, and learning to navigate group dynamics and resolve conflicts. At this age and stage, students are developing a stronger sense of self while learning to analyze the impact of their choices, and make complex decisions. In the classroom, students  can be encouraged to contribute ideas regarding learning opportunities, school climate, and needed support.

    All middle school campuses have limited access to SEL resources, lessons, Check-Ins and an SEL brief assessment through SchooLinks.  

    MS Campus



    Character Strong 


    Character Strong


    Leader In Me


    Restorative Circles 


    Character Strong


    Character Strong 

    High School Level: High school students are making decisions based on their values, defining more clearly what they believe is right and wrong, while also gaining clarity about their life goals and how they want to contribute to the world. At school, students can make the most of opportunities to use their voice, collaborate with peers, and make deeper connections to their learning and engage as leaders, problem-solvers, and decision-makers.

    All high school campuses have limited access to SEL resources, lessons, Check-Ins and an SEL brief assessment through SchooLinks.

    HS Campus



    Leader in Me and 2WORDS


    Believe in You


    Winning the Mental Game and 2WORDS


    7 Mindsets and 2WORDS

    Live Oak

    Believe in You

    Feeder School Alignment: While no one program is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ intervention (Wigelsworth et al., 2016) the benefits of integrating a program campus-wide are reflected in a shared language and common outcome goals. Implementation of targeted SEL programs at each level of development supports a differentiated approach to meeting the individualized needs of students progressing through key developmental shifts and stages.

SEL Video: Mindful Moment

Region 13 SEL Video: Being Mindful - Mindful Breathing

Region 13 SEL Video: Being Mindful - Anxiety

Region 13 SEL Video: Being Mindful - Gratitude

Region 13 SEL Video: Being Mindful - Mental Health

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