Campus Leadership Team (CLT)

  • The Campus Leadership Team (CLT) shall be established on each campus to serve in an advisory role to the principal in the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the campus educational program. The CLT serves exclusively in an advisory role in decisions in the areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, and school organization except that each committee shall approve staff development of a campus nature.

    Principals are encouraged to have an ad-hoc committee develop the campus improvement plan which is then reviewed, revised, and approved by the campus leadership team. The campus improvement plan is the guide to improving student performance for all student populations with respect to the academic excellence indicators and any other appropriate performance measures for special needs populations.


    2020-21 CLT Members

    1.  Ginger Bordeau - Carpenter Hill Principal

    2.  Shawn Maxwell - Carpenter Hill Assistant Principal

    3.  Marlane Woods - Carpenter Hill Teacher

    4.  Brittin Lewis - Carpenter Hill Teacher

    5.  Lisa Hudson - Carpenter Hill Teacher

    7.  Peyton Perez - Carpenter Hill Teacher

    8.  Andrea Gerlach - DLT Representative

    9.  Chelsea O'Neil - Paraprofessional

    10.  Tiffany Glynn-Kuchar - District Level Professional

    11.  Kim Montague - Parent Representative

    12.  Roman and LaVern Pena - Business Representative