• I am thrilled to be the School Counselor at Hemphill Elementary! Go Hawks! The counseling program at HES consists of four components: guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.

    Our guidance curriculum is Cloud 9, which covers topics that build on Character Education. Guidance lessons are taught to students in all grades at HES. During these lessons we will learn new skills while having fun in the process.

    I also offer Lunch Groups. At the beginning of the year I invite Kindergarten students to have lunch with me so that I can get to know them and establish a relationship. Students in grades K-5 can be referred to lunch bunch. The focus of these groups is to learn different social skills to be successful here at school. During lunch bunch we play games and complete activites.You will be notified if your child is reffered for lunch bunch and asked to return a permission form if you wish for your child to participate.

    Outside of my office, I have a mailbox for students to put self-referral notes in. These referrals allow students to request to see me for various reasons (feelings, friends, etc). If I receive a note from them they usually come chat with me for a short 5-10 minutes and then head back to class. If there is an immediate concern, parents will be notified. 

    Please reach out to me when your child needs support.Together we will ensure that your child has a successful school year! Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help.

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