• What is Open Enrollment?

    The open enrollment period allows current employees to review, change or continue benefit elections every year. Keep in mind that benefit plan changes are only allowed throughout the plan year if it is during open enrollment, or you have a qualified Section 125 event.

    During open enrollment, current employees can do the following:

    • Elect or decline coverage, in addition to changing existing coverage.
    • Review personal information and verify that covered dependents are named on the plan. (If there are inconsistencies between your personal and/or benefit information, you may need to notify your employer.)
    • Confirm that the correct dependents are selected in order to be covered for every benefit including medical, dental, vision, etc.
    • Confirm, change or add beneficiaries, ensure the employer paid life insurance has the correct beneficiaries. 

    When is Open Enrollment?

    Open enrollment will be Jul.15 - Aug. 16, 2024. Enrollments after Aug.16th will not be allowed per Teachers Retirement System (TRS). 

    During open enrollment, from Jul.15, 2024 – Aug. 16, 2024, First Financial Group of America (FFGA) representatives will be on-site to assist with making benefit elections for the 24-25 plan year that will be effective from Sept. 1, 2024 - Aug. 31, 2025. Benefit elections may also be made through FFGA’s online enrollment system, FFenroll.

    Onsite Enrollment Schedule

    • Social Security numbers and birthdates for all dependents
    • Any status/life event or address changes
    • Questions about available benefits

    NOTE: If you choose not to use a FFGA representative and self-enroll during open enrollment, you must notify us of any errors and have them corrected by August 16th. Any benefits that are self-enrolled that have not been corrected by August 16th will remain in effect until August 31, 2025, which is the end of the plan year. 

    To enroll online, visit the FFenroll site and follow the "Enroll Online" instructions. 

    2024-2025 Benefit Plans & Premiums click the hyperlink to view detailed information on each offered benefit. 


    All new hires are required to elect their initial benefits with a Benefit Advocate from FFGA.

    Benefits must be elected or waived within 31 days of the employee's official start date. Please schedule an appointment with an advocate to make benefit choices for the 24-25 plan year,  Click here to schedule.  To view the offered benefits, visit the Hays CISD benefit center here: Hays CISD Benefit Center



    Se requiere que los nuevos empleados programen una cita con un representante de beneficios de FFGA para elegir sus beneficios para nuevos empleados. Haga clic aquí para programar, programar aqui.  Para revisar los beneficios ofrecidos haga clic aquí, Hays CISD Centro de Beneficios.


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