Federal Programs & Grants

  • grants photo Title I, Part A - provides supplemental resources to local educational agencies (LEAs) to help schools with high concentrations of students from low-income families provide high-quality education that will enable all children to meet the challenging state academic standards. Campuses served with Title I funds within Hays CISD, have at least 40% of their students identified as receiving free/reduced lunch. The intended program beneficiaries are students who experience difficulties mastering the state academic achievement standards. Title I campuses each maintain a comprehensive needs assessment and campus improvement plan, that was developed with parents, community members, teachers, principals and other school leaders, so that all students are provided opportunities to meet the challenging State academic standards.  Because Hays CISD is a multiple-attendance district, the TI Schoolwide campuses are served in rank order of order of low-income percentage, with a formula based, per pupil allocation.

    Title I, schoolwide campuses utilize their Federal allocations for activities such as, but not limited to: academic parent engagement activities, professional development, social emotional learning programs, tutorials, supplemental instructional coaching for teachers, supplemental intervention supports for students, computer-aided instruction and extended learning opportunities.

  • The Title I Schoolwide campuses in Hays CISD include:

    • Armando Chapa Middle School
    • Dr. T.C. McCormick Middle School
    • DJ “Red” Simon Middle School
    • Laura B. Wallace Middle School
    • Blanco Vista Elementary School
    • Camino Real Elementary School
    • Susie Fuentes Elementary School
    • Tom Green Elementary School
    • Hemphill Elementary School
    • Kyle Elementary School
    • Ralph Pfluger Elementary School
    • Science Hall Elementary School
    • Rosalio Tobias Elementary School
    • Uhland Elementary School

    LEA Activities
    District reserved fiscal amounts to be used at Title I Schoolwide campuses for Title I activities includes: parent involvement activities to encourage academic achievement, Title I, Part A services to eligible private school students at Private Non-Profit Campuses, administration of Title I, Part A, programs, district-wide professional development activities and services to homeless students attending campuses not served by Title I, Part A.

  • Stephanie Norris
    Director of State/Federal Programs & Grants
    District Homeless Liaison
    District Foster Liaison
    (512) 268-2141, ext. 45018

  • Title I, Part C Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act Grant – Hays CISD utilizes Perkins funds to carry out programs that develop more fully the academic and technical skills of secondary students who elect to enroll in career and technical education (CTE) programs. Career Clusters offered at Hays CISD include: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Architecture and Construction; Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication; Business, Management, and Administration; Education and Training; Finance; Health Services; Hospitality and Tourism; Human Services; Information Technology; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security; Manufacturing; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.

    Title I, Part C Education of Migratory Children – Title I, Part C provides supplemental instructional and support services for migrant students and out of school migrant youth. Hays CISD utilizes a shared service arrangement with the Education Service Center 13 to provide support migrant students.

    Title II, Part A – Hays CISD utilizes Title II, Part A funds to increase student academic achievement through improving teacher and principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in classrooms and qualified principals and assistant principals in the district; and, uphold high expectations to improve student academic achievement.  The intended beneficiaries of Title II funds are teachers and principals, including assistant principals, and as appropriate, administrators, pupil services personnel, and paraprofessionals. The district focuses the utilization of Federal funds on two activities: Recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining effective personnel that impact instruction and learning; and, providing professional development and coaching.

    Title III, Part A – Hays CISD utilizes Title III, Part A funds to provide supplemental resources to ensure that children who are English learners, including immigrant children and youth, attain English proficiency at high levels in academic subjects and can meet the same challenging State academic standards that all children are expected to meet.

    Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth - The purpose of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act is to identify and remove barriers for children and youth experiencing homelessness and ensure that students in these circumstances have equitable access to all available supports and resources and meet the same challenging state academic standards established for all students. One key component of the Act requires the administration and implementation of a sub-grant program.  At Hays CISD, the district utilizes the Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth (TEHCY) grant program to facilitate the identification, enrollment, attendance and academic success of homeless children and youth by removing barriers and promote school stability for students experiencing homelessness. Students identified as homeless, by the campus counselor, have access to resources such as, but not limited to, school supplies, emergency clothing, free lunch, transportation to and from their campus of origin, and fee waivers.


Private Non-Profit Schools Participation Notice

  • ATTENTIONPrivate Non-Profit Schools within the Hays CISD District Boundary (serving ages 5-17)

    You may be eligible to participate in services through federal programs. Please contact your local school district regarding participation in the planning and receipt of services through federal programs. Contact Stephanie Norris, Director of Federal Programs, at Stephanie.Norris@hayscisd.net.  Please include documentation of Non-Profit status (ex: 501c3)

    What constitutes private nonprofit status? Response: Under 34 CFR 77.1, the term “nonprofit” as applied to an agency, organization, or institution means it is owned and operated by one or more corporations or associations whose net earnings do not benefit, and cannot lawfully benefit, any private shareholder or entity.

    What are private school equitable services? Response: Through ESSA, federal grant funding is made available every year to serve students who meet certain criteria, such as economically disadvantaged. Those grant funds are awarded to TEA, which administer the funds directly to LEAs, including school districts. However, the law requires that eligible students and teachers at eligible PNPs also receive access to equitable services of those programs and services provided by the district. The term “private school equitable services” refers to the process of providing students, teachers, staff, and families at eligible PNPs fair access to federally funded education programs and services, as appropriate. The process depends on a “timely and meaningful consultation” between ISD officials and those of eligible PNPs. However, federal funds may not be awarded or paid to the PNP.