Professional Development

  • knowledge graphic Hays CISD is an innovative community of learners dedicated to continuously improving the learning of all students by cultivating educators, administrators, and staff of Hays CISD.

    The mission of the Hays CISD’s professional development department is to provide quality professional development opportunities and support for all employees to meet the needs of a growing and changing student population. We support this mission by promoting continuous professional growth in a supportive environment to enhance the knowledge and skills of all staff. At Hays CISD, we believe the following:

    • High quality professional learning is planned, implemented, and evaluated in a way that consistently models Learning Forward standards.
    • People are our most valuable resource.
    • Lifelong learning is essential for all.
    • Quality professional learning positively impacts student learning.
    • Quality professional learning promotes and supports positive change for achieving organizational purpose.
    • Every person is a learner and a teacher.

Professional Development Info

  • Click here to visit the Hays CISD Professional Development website.

    Please visit the Hays CISD Professional Development website, designed to provide a centralized platform where teachers and staff can access information and resources related to PD in Hays CISD.

    Sections of the Professional Development website include:

    • Home Page: Learn more about the different ways we grow in Hays, see what self-paced learning opportunities are available, and find information regarding the National Board Certified Teacher program in Hays CISD.
    • PD Catalog: Access our PD catalog and find supporting information as you look for ways to grow professionally.
    • New to Hays CISD: Support and information for New to Hays  teachers and staff.
    • New to Country: Texas-Spain Visiting International Teacher (VIT) Program participants can find helpful information in this section.
    • New to Profession: Information regarding our INSPIRE program. There is also a section specific to mentors and includes mentor training dates for next school year.
    • HaysCon: Learn more about the premier PD event of the summer.
    • Reading Academies: Helpful information for teachers who need to complete the reading academies.
    • ESL Test Support: Helpful information for ESL Supplemental Certification #154 exam.
    • Gifted & Talented (GT): Helpful information for teachers about professional development requirements for GT.
    • National Board Certified Teacher Program (NBCT): Helpful information for teachers about NBCT.

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