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    Course Syllabus The Lehman High School Introduction to Culinary Arts CTE class provides learning experiences like no other, where students are encouraged to explore their leadership skills and entrepreneurship abilities. Our class also allows students to gain real life experience of running a business. In this class, students will also be given the opportunity to provide goods and or services to students and staff from our school and schools in the surrounding area through our School-Based Enterprise. Students will also have the opportunity to join DECA and BPA, which are two clubs that allow students the opportunity for more learning experiences outside of the classroom. Through this class, students will be given the necessary tools to start and run a business.

    Featured students: Elijah Otero, Brooke Shepherd, and Kadon Sullins



    These students listed here give it 110% every time we meet in Lobotime.  These individuals are not afraid to go outside of their comfort zone and are very time-efficient with projects.Words can not express how much I appreciate all that you do to help out.  I do recognize Elijah Otero, Brooke Shepherd, and Jose Riojas as COIN OF EXCELLENCE STUDENTS for Mr. Shuler's CTE Class.

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    Students here are working towards completing a Vocabulary Board Game: https://kami.app/jiv-w9k-HU9-dws The board game encourages students to naturally turn and talk. The board game allows for unique, creative, and purposeful writing.  

    Featured students: Robert Mata, David Medina Almaguer, and Xavier Guerrero

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