• ABCmouse

    Explore with Google Maps!
    We will exlpore the "real" world with "virtual" tools.

    Carpenter Hill Elementary
    Google Streetview    CHES map    

    The WHITE House            The Washington Monument
     white house           Washington Monument      

    ocean field trip




    Earth Day Field Trip!

    Going Places Online

    San Diego Zoo



    Alphabet Keyboard
    We will practice using the keyboard.
    We will manage tabs using the computer mouse.
    I will show that I understand what I hear by following directions. 

    keyboard zoo             animal who           Sound Burst



    We will recognize, sort, and build with shapes.





    shape match        chicken blast off

    shapes star fall      shape puzzle






    Mouse Skills 

    We will practice moving and clicking a computer mouse to make art and play games.
    I will follow directions.

    Door 1               Door 2              Door 3


    A Different Way of Seeing 

    spinner pics           Mirror



    Door 1               Door 2              Door 3



    Click the Next Button  to move on to the next puzzle.
           Reveal               Connect4                Santa


    Bingo with Numbers









    Storytime with Mrs. Massey    




    Technology Applications TEKS
    We will use a computer mouse.
    6 Technology Operations & Concepts - The student demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of technology systems, concepts, and operations.
    A. use appropriate terminology...mouse, click, pointer, drag, tabs, close
    D. use a variety of input...devices.

    English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)
    2I Listening - I will show that I understand what I hear by following directions and retelling what someone has told me.