Degrees and Certifications:

State of Texas licensed Cosmetologist State of Texas licensed Cosmetology Instructor Certified teacher

Aimee L Foster

Hello, I'm the Cosmetology instructor at Johnson High School.  This year I teach the 9th and 10th grade classes in the cosmetology program.  This is my 3rd year teaching but I have 25 years experience as a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner.  I went to high school and cosmetology school in Washington State but moved to texas over 20 years ago.  Teaching students all about the career that I have loved for over 25 years is so much fun and very rewarding. The number one goal of the cosmetology program is to have your student earn their State Cosmetology license their senior year and be ready to enter the workforce immediately.   My strong points are showing them all the technical skills necessary to pass their state licensing test, to be employable in any salon but also the skills necessary to be professional and how to build the people-skills to one day build a clientele and have an amazing career!

You can find me in the Cosmetology Dept at JHS, which is right by the office!  The best contact for me is: You can also try my desk phone which is 512-268-8512 ext 44360 I have my Conference time between 11:45-12:38 so this is the best time to contact me.  I'm happy to stay after school from 4:15-4:45 for extra tutoring on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

My schedule:

Period 1 Principles of Cosmetology (8:45-9:39)

Period 2 Principles of Cosmetology(9:44-10:41)

Period 3 Intro to Cosmetology (10:46-11:40)

Period 4 conference period (11:45-12:38)

Period 5 Principles ofCosmetology (1:18-2:12)

Period 6 Principles of Cosmetology (2:17-3:11)

Period  Intro to Cosmetology (3:16-4:10)