Booster Clubs and Fundraiser Application

  • Booster clubs are organizations operated and supported by parents and other community members to increase the opportunities for student success and support student activities.

    Booster Clubs

    Booster Fundraiser Application
    For the 2021-2022 school year Hays High School is requiring all booster club organizations to submit their desired fund raisers through a google doc process. This process will help with booster clubs and campus organizations not overlay dates or items to be sold. 

    Sign Up to Participate:
    To become a member of a booster club, parents must complete a background check by registering online as an official Hays CISD volunteer.  Click the following link to begin the process:

    Procedures and Guidelines:
    Consistent with Hays CISD policies GE (Legal) and (Local), the Booster Club Guidelines document (see the left toolbar) is provided to assist district-affiliated booster organizations to organize and function in a manner that aligns with the district’s philosophy and objectives.

    If you have any questions contact Earrick Stigall ( at Hays High School.