• Hour of Code

    Learning objective: I will put objects in a correct sequence to solve a problem.
    Language objective:  I will show that I understand what I hear by following directions.

    hour of code

    dance party



    star wars


    code combat code combat game builder




    flappy bird



    Coding Vocabulary:

    Algorithm- A list of steps to finish a task or solve a problem.  

    Computer Science- Using the power of computers to solve problems

    Debugging- Finding and fixing errors in programs. 

    Event- An action that causes something to happen. 

    Function- A piece of code that you can be used over and over to perform actions. 

    Loop- The action of doing something over and over again. 

    Variable- A placeholder for a piece of information that can change.


    Programming Languages: 


    Blocks- Programming language that lets users create programs by dragging and dropping blocks of code, rather than writing code using text.

    Javascript- Programming language used in most interactive websites.

    Python- Easy to learn programming language, but difficult to analyze.